why 350solutions?

The team at 350Solutions has been evaluating and developing innovative technologies that impact our environment for over 60 years combined. We’ve developed testing protocols for innovations that have not yet been rigorously tested. We’ve managed multi-million dollar demonstration programs for new innovations. And we’ve been on the developer’s side, too — working from  proof of concept to large demonstrations. 

Our staff experience includes a wide range of topics, technology types and clients, including: 

  • Supporting and managing the Greenhouse Gas Technology Center for the US EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification program
  • Demonstrating renewable energy and energy efficient technologies for the US Department of Defense
  • Leading the development of the first GHG emissions inventory for the Port Authority of NY & NJ
  • Verifying biofuel impacts on haul truck emissions for a large mining company
  • Providing independent technology testing and verification for technology developers for renewable energy, air pollution control, clean transportation, energy efficiency, water, and monitoring technologies.

Whether you are a technology developer, investor, regulator, or user, 350Solutions can help reduce risk and increase impact associated with new innovations.

our independence

350Solutions serves as an independent expert in cleantech, low carbon, and environmental technologies. We provide an unbiased assessment of innovative technologies. 350Solutions is accredited through ANAB under ISO 17020 as an independent inspection body to provide independent technology evaluation services using the ISO 14034 ETV process. In addition, 350Solutions staff include a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP for IPMVP) and a North Carolina Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.).

what's in a name?

Why 350? It’s widely accepted as the level of CO2 in ppm in the atmosphere that we need to get back to in order to limit the impacts of climate change. It’s going to take a myriad of actions to reduce CO2 levels, and we believe new innovations and technologies can play a significant role.

At 350Solutions, we provide better data about how these technologies perform, and what their environmental impacts are. This data can reduce uncertainty and risk and encourage wider, more rapid implementation. We hope this is part of the solution to get back to 350 ppm.

As a side note – our home page banner is a picture Tim took at sunset at the summit of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. Its sister mountain – Mauna Loa – is one of the key locations where atmospheric CO2 concentration is currently tracked. 

Our Team

Meet the team behind 350Solutions. We believe in what we do.

Tim Hansen, P.E.


M.S., Engineering Science, Dartmouth College, 1995
B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Virginia 1993

Tim is Founder and CEO of 350Solutions. He is a chemical engineer with over 26 years of experience managing and conducting technology research, development, demonstration and analysis. He has a broad technical background with experience in environmental consulting for industry, clean technology development, standards development, and business management.

Tim has worked extensively with commercial clients and partners, as well as state and federal agencies on numerous research and development programs while previously at Southern Research Institute. He has a broad range of energy and technology industry expertise and a large network of industry contacts. Tim served as the lead U.S. Technical Expert for the development and implementation of ISO 14034 Environmental Technology Verification (ETV), the 2016 international standard issued to unify the protocol for the evaluation of innovative technologies. He led the U.S. working group and served Head of Delegation for international technical committee meetings and provided significant technical input in the development of the final standard.

Tim is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys mountain biking and camping. He’s also an aging volleyball player trying to hold on to his glory days.

Bill Chatterton

Verification Program Manager

B.S., Environmental Science, State University of NY, 1982
A.A.S., Environmental Technology, Paul Smith College, 1979

William Chatterton is an environmental scientist with 39 years of experience in technology evaluation and demonstration, project management and air pollution monitoring, testing, and regulation. He serves as Verification Program Manager for 350Solutions, where he manages projects and programs for commercial and government clients. In his previous position at Southern Research, Bill managed and supported programs designed to integrate, demonstrate and evaluate technology performance in the advanced energy field. He led 350’s efforts in becoming the first accredited verification body in the U.S. for application of ISO 14034 ETV and completed two ISO 14034 conformant technology verifications in 2020. Bill is also a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP).

Bill is an avid fly fisherman and can be found in the mountain streams of North Carolina whenever he can, catching trout until his arm is worn out and enjoying the spectacular scenery.


Kevin McCabe

Senior Mechanical Engineer

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University, 2006
B.S., Physics & Chemistry, Northeastern University, 2003

Kevin McCabe is a mechanical engineer with 22 years of data analysis and processing experience and 14 years of experience in technology research and development, including significant time in process operations. In the past, he has developed engineering modeling capabilities including ASPEN and COMSOL as related to design and modeling of new innovations. He has also focused on performing technoeconomic analyses (TEAs) and lifecycle emissions assessments (LCAs) for innovative new technologies at various stages of development, including innovative biofuels, lithium recovery, and thermal energy storage technologies. Recently, Kevin served as the lead technology verifier under the NRG Cosia Carbon XPrize competition. In addition to working as an impartial performance verifier for several carbon capture, conversion, and utilization technologies, he assisted competitors with key engineering tasks including host plan integration and HAZOP reviews.

Kevin has extensive experience as an analytical engineer collecting, calculating, and evaluating data, while improving data quality measures to correct errors. As a lead process operator, he was responsible for directing pilot plant operations and experimental plans. While a research technician, he was part of a team developing novel catalysts for use in fuel cells and batteries.

Kevin is a triathlete and ultrarunner. Bill and Tim can’t decide if they think he’s crazy or are impressed by his feats.

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