cleantech and carbon impacts Research

350 Solutions not only evaluates technologies, but researches ways to measure impact of technologies and sustainability initiatives, and ensures reported impacts are as accurate as possible. Some of our developing research initiatives are below. If you’re interested in learning about or partnering with us on any of these activities, contact us.

To support the mission of identifying and deploying innovative cleantech solutions to achieve environmental, sustainability and human health impact, 350Solutions is initiating the development of an open access validated data information clearinghouse, which will enable users to rapidly identify, assess and evaluate innovative technologies.

As the global community strives to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an effort is needed to enable consistent and comparative analysis of the potential impacts of applying environmentally sound technologies (ESTs) on achieving sustainability targets and objectives. 350Solutions is developing standardized methodologies to estimate actual and potential impacts of technology deployment.

As new carbon utilization technologies begin to emerge from the laboratory, it is beneficial to establish (1) consistent methodologies for measurement and verification of the performance and impacts of CO2 utilization technologies and (2) a centralized repository for data and information on the technologies. 350Solutions is pursuing these initiatives to support decision-making for potential investors and end users.

The importance of providing high-quality, reliable and transparent sustainability reporting data is becoming more critical due to direct financial implications. 350Solutions is developing an assessment of the data quality and uncertainty in corporate carbon emissions reports, identifying approaches and methods to document data quality, and recommending improvements to critical carbon accounting protocols.

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