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350Solutions independently verifies the performance and impacts of innovative environmental technologies. We are accredited under ISO 17020 as an independent inspection body to complete environmental technology verifications in accordance with the ISO 14034 ETV standard.

The following technologies have been verified by 350Solutions with full ISO 14034 ETV reports. Click below to learn more about each technology, and access the official Verification Statement, as well as more detailed Verification Plans and Verification Reports, where available.




CarbonBuilt’s ReversaTM process utilizes CO2-containing flue gas stream to produce precast concrete components, specifically concrete masonry units (CMUs) under this demonstration. The system requires no pre- or post-treatment of the flue gas, operates at ambient pressure/temperature, and enables CO2 uptake into construction materials and products. The technology was verified to have a CO2-to-product conversion efficiency of 75.6%.

CarbonBuilt was a winner of the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE in 2021.

InnoTech Alberta Inc. owns and operates a SGR285 CO2 stack gas recovery system, provided by ASCO and HTC, which operates as a carbon dioxide (CO2) capture system for a natural gas fired power plant. The SGR285 CO2 stack gas recovery system is installed and operated at the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Center near Calgary, Alberta.  The technology utilizes an amine solution solvent and optimized packing technology to provide a highly efficient CO2 extraction process that is also resistant to O2 presence in the source stream. The stack gas recovery system was verified to have a CO2 Capture Efficiency of 82.7% ± 4.1%.


Dimensional Energy’s solar thermal-catalytic reactor utilizes concentrated CO2 and H2 to produce syngas  and water. Syngas can be used directly as a fuel or as a feedstock for further processing into a variety of chemicals and products, including diesel or aviation fuels.  The Dimensional Energy process utilizes solar thermal energy exclusively for reactor heating, with solar tracking and reactor controls automated through a PLC and proprietary software program. The technology was verified to have a CO2 conversion efficiency of 40.2%.

Breathe Sciences 
CO2 to Methanol Process

carbon utilization

Breathe Sciences has developed a thermochemical methanol synthesis reactor and proprietary catalyst that converts concentrated CO2 and hydrogen into methanol and carbon monoxide (CO). The methanol can be purified to meet the IMPCA methanol standards, with CO byproduct potentially used as a fuel or feedstock for further processing into other fuels or chemicals. The technology was verified to have a CO2 conversion efficiency of 39.06%.

Questor Technologies Clean Combustor

Questor Technology provides high efficiency waste gas combustion systems. Questor’s Clean Combustor technology is designed to reduce hydrocarbon and hydrogen sulfide emissions by 99.99% or more. The technology also reduces greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas processing by 64-90% when compared to vented methane from specific oil and gas operations.

Rapid Bio Intelligence is an on-site assay technology for the detection and enumeration of the total aerobic bacteria population in cooling  water systems associated with a range of industrial and institutional applications. The technology is a mobile app-driven test kit designed to provide operators with a means to monitor cooling water quality with a relatively quick and reliable result. The test is designed to provide an analytical range of 103 to 106 CFU/ml within a test-to-result turnaround time of 17 to 20 minutes.

Air Company

carbon utilization

Air Company was a finalist in the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE. Results of ISO 14034: 2016 ETV are pending.

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Carbon Upcycling Technologies

carbon utilization

Carbon Upcycling Technologies was a finalist in the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE. Results of ISO 14034: 2016 ETV are pending.

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