verified technologies

350Solutions independently verifies the performance and impacts of innovative environmental technologies. We are accredited under ISO 17020 as an independent inspection body to complete environmental technology verifications in accordance with the ISO 14034 ETV standard.


new technologies coming soon

The following technologies have been verified by 350Solutions. Click on the links below to learn more about each technology, and access the official Verification Statement, as well as more detailed Verification Plans and Verification Reports, where available.

Questor Technologies Clean Combustor
Questor Technologies Clean Combustor


Questor Technologies provides high efficiency waste gas combustion systems. Questor’s Clean Combustor technology is designed to reduce hydrocarbon and hydrogen sulfide emissions by 99.99% or more compared to venting practices. Questor Clean Combustors also reduce greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas processing by 64-90% when compared to vented methane from specific oil and gas operations.

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