The team at 350Solutions worked with the XPRIZE Foundation to verify the performance and impacts of innovative technologies that capture and convert CO2 into useful products. The verification project was part of the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, a $20 million global competition designed to identify and award transformative technologies that can impact our global CO2 emissions levels through market driven innovation.

In the semi-finals round of the competition, 350Solutions team independently evaluated more than 20 individual technologies operating at lab or small pilot scale around the world, providing verified performance data to an independent panel of judges. The technologies evaluated converted CO2 into fuels and chemicals, such as methanol or dimethyl ether, specialty products such as carbon nanotubes, and consumer and industrial products such as concrete blocks and protein supplements.

In the Final Round of the competition, 350Solutions provided measurement and verification services for the ten competition finalists demonstrating their pilot scale technologies at test centers in Gillette, WY and Calgary, AB using real power plant flue gas as the process feed. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, allowances were made within the competition for some international teams to remain in their home countries due to travel restrictions. In those instances where flue gas was not accessible or practical, compressed CO2 was utilized.  For the teams in Wyoming and Canada, our team conducted on site verification of activities, measurements, and performance data, collected and analyzed independent product samples and observed process operations. 350Solutions designed and installed a data acquisition system and remotely monitored technology performance, data quality, and competition criteria on a real time bases over a six-month demonstration period for the WY and AB sites 350 developed and submitted comprehensive technology verification reports for each of the finalist teams. 350 applied the principles and many requirements of the ISO 14034 environmental technology verification standard as the basis for verification plans, assessment, and reporting.

To access the ISO 14034 reports of the competition teams that opted to complete an ISO 10434 after the competition was complete, click here.

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