Implementation of the ISO 14034 ETV Standard in DoD ESTCP Technology Demonstration Projects

ESTCP ISO ETV350Solutions is conducting a project under DoD’s Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) program that will project integrate the ISO 14034 – Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) standard into existing ESTCP processes. The project will provide an example of how the ISO standard implementation works, and its potential benefits in supporting technology transition, particularly with respect to the ESTCP program.

The project will:

  • implement an example of the ISO 14034/17020 framework for ETV
  • establish the relevance of the ISO 14034 ETV standard to demonstration projects within ESTCP – through gap analysis and implementation in initial case studies and as an add-on to 2-3 new or current projects
  • disseminate the results to the market, including relevant end users, purchasers, regulators and funders (including 3rd party finance mechanisms) within the DoD.


Implementation of the standard will result in the following benefits, targeting improved data to enable more rapid technology demonstration and tech transfer, and ultimately technology deployment:

  • Integration of ISO standards into the ESTCP process
  • Development of a unified testing protocol for specific technology categories that can be applied to all future projects in those areas
  • Integration of stakeholder needs and input in the protocol to ensure needed data and information is obtained during demonstrations for each specific technology type
  • Implementation of third-party verification of data and information to ensure high data quality and consistency across demonstration programs
  • More rapid acceptance of technologies due to the inclusion of interested parties up front, as opposed to after the demonstration process
  • Development of outreach materials and guideline documents to train users and enable broad implementation of ISO 14034.

Project Details

Important Points

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