Ecolab Rapid Bio Intelligence

350 Solutions has verified the performance of the Rapid Bio Intelligence technology provided by Nalco Water, an Ecolab Company, of Naperville, Illinois. Rapid Bio Intelligence is an on-site assay technology for the detection and enumeration of the total aerobic bacteria population in cooling  water systems associated with a range of industrial and institutional applications (manufacturing, transportation, food and beverage, paper, chemical, power, metallurgic, and other industries).

The technology is a mobile app-driven test kit designed to provide operators with a means to monitor cooling water quality with a relatively quick and reliable result and allowing operators to implement or alter bacterial control strategies quickly. The test is not strain-specific but provides monitoring of total aerobic bacterial growth in water systems, allowing for quick response to micro-organism contamination. The test is designed to provide an analytical range of 103 to 106 CFU/ml within a test-to-result turnaround time of 17 to 20 minutes.

350Solutions verified Rapid Bio Intelligence technology performance via review of performance data for the technology, laboratory data for bacterial count reference methods, and additional in-field testing to evaluate phone variability and turnaround time in accordance with the ISO 14034: 2016 ETV protocol. 350Solutions has verified Rapid Bio Intelligence with respect to: a) comparative results relative to the conventional laboratory plate count testing method, b) phone app results variability, and c) sample-to-results turnaround time. See the Verification Statement for details verification approaches and results.

Technology Description

Verified Performance Summary

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