InnoTech Alberta Inc. and ASCO Carbon Dioxide, Inc., and HTC Extraction Systems

InnoTech Alberta Inc., located in Alberta, Canada, is an applied research organization, specialized in operating unique research facilities to encourage the conversion of applied research to economic, social, and environmental benefits for Alberta. InnoTech Alberta owns and operates a SGR285 CO2 stack gas recovery system, provided by ASCO Carbon Dioxide, Inc. and HTC Extraction Systems, which operates as a carbon dioxide (CO2) capture system for a flue gas slip stream from a natural gas fired power plant. The SGR285 CO2 stack gas recovery system is installed and operated at the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Center.  The technology utilizes an amine solution solvent and optimized packing technology to provide a highly efficient CO2 extraction process that is also resistant to O2 presence in the source stream.

A slip stream of flue gas from the natural gas-fired boilers at the Enmax Shepard Energy Centre, an 860-MW combined cycle power plant, is sent to the capture system. This flue gas is first cooled prior to entering the CO2 extraction process. Flue gas then enters the CO2 gas absorber, through which the amine-based solvent is fed. Once absorbed, the CO2 gas is carried within the enriched solvent stream for CO2 recovery, while remaining products of combustion in the flue gas are vented off the top of the absorber tower. The solvent, enriched with CO2, passes to the stripper tower which uses re-boiled lean solvent combined with tower and structured packing material to liberate the CO2 gas from the enriched solvent stream. The exit CO2 gas from the stripper is produced at a controlled temperature and pressure and provided as a final product stream consisting of saturated CO2 at a nominal maximum rate of 6 tonne/day.

350Solutions has verified the carbon capture system according to ISO 14034: 2016 ETV and a technology specific verification plan. The primary objective of this assessment was to verify the performance of the InnoTech – ASCO system while operating during a demonstration period for the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE competition. Verification parameters were assessed quantitively using data generated from continuous monitoring of flue gas inlet and product outlet, monitoring of natural gas and electricity usage by the system, and monitoring of process operating conditions.

350Solutions verified the InnoTech – ASCO  system against six verification parameters including: operational scale, CO2 capture efficiency, CO2 production rate, CO2 production composition, energy usage, and water usage. For all results, a total of 85 days of data was collected between September 12, 2020 and December 5, 2020 was used.

Technology Description

Verified Performance Summary

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