Questor Technology Inc.
Clean Combustion Thermal Oxidizer

Questor Technology Inc., headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, provides high-efficiency waste gas combustion systems. Questor’s Clean Combustion Thermal Oxidizers are used for emissions control and regulatory compliance in the oil and gas industry and chemical processing facilities.

350Solutions has verified the Combustion Efficiency (hydrocarbon conversion), destruction efficiency of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), and ability  to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the Q50, Q100, Q250, Q500, Q1000,  Q3000, and Q5000 models via a review of emissions testing results for the various systems and input streams. Each model was verified according to ISO 14034:2016 Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) protocols, with test method, testing entity, data quality, and results evaluated by 350Solutions.

Questor’s clean combustor systems were verified to combust waste gas and treat sour gas with an efficiency of 99.99%. Each model was also verified to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the process facilities examined during the verification by up to 64-90% across a range of waste gas feed rates. See the Verification Statement for details on input stream characteristics and performance. 

Technology Description

Verified Performance Summary

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