XPRIZE Carbon Removal Phase 1 FAQ

Q) Can 350Solutions help with any other requirements related to the Phase 1 submission?

A) Yes – 350Solutions can provide assistance associated with preparing your proposed approach for independent verification, including recommendations for data to collect, instrumentation to use, and methods for verifying the performance of your approach or technology for the competition or in general. 350Solutions can also provide general engineering consulting services related to your process – specifically related to testing and instrumentation, analytical approaches, and process balance of plant, but will NOT provide services associated with your core technology development.  

350Solutions can also provide a complete verification of technologies that are far along in the development process (i.e. TRL 6 to 9) that complies with ISO 14034:2016 Environmental Technology Verification. This is a very rigorous process which relies on significant quantities or high-quality data from process operations

Q) What does a verification process involve and how long will it take? 

A) Verification includes a thorough, independent review of your technology or process, with a focus on assessing whether there is adequate, quality data provided from actual operation of your technology or process to ensure that it works and does what you are claiming it can do. We will:

  • Review your engineering or process flow diagrams for completeness 
  • Identify all required inputs and outputs for the process 
  • Review instrumentation used to collect data from operation of the process 
  • Review your data set for completeness and validity 
  • Ensure your calculations from raw data to reported performance metrics are accurate and complete 
  • Provide a written summary of our independent verification that summarizes results and meets the XPRIZE Carbon Removal submission requirements, if the technology can be verified.

Q) How much will the verification cost? 

A) Please submit your initial information and 350Solutions will reply with a cost structure for the Phase I XPRIZE Carbon Removal verifications as part of our reply within 48 hours. Total costs are approximately $7,500 (USD), and will be stage-gated to ensure teams have adequate information to complete verification. 

Verification costs will be billed according to the following schedule: 

  • Application and initial material review (FREE)
  • Kick-off screening and gap analysis
  • Detailed verification data and information request and review
  • Phase 1 XPRIZE Carbon Removal Verification, including summary report 
  • Complete ISO 14034 ETV verification (Recommended only for pilot scale or above. And would be above the $7500 estimate above.)

Q) Is this the same as having verified carbon offset or removal credits?

A) No. The independently verified carbon offset or removal credits result from a review and verification of the net lifecycle emissions from the process. This is also a submission requirement for XPRIZE Carbon Removal. However, this first step is ensuring that the core technology is actually developed, works, and has some data to prove it. THAT is what the Phase 1 third-party verification requirement focuses on, not a full CO2 emissions verification.

Q) What is an ISO 14034: 2016 ETV and what is the verification process?

Learn more here.

Q) Is 350Solutions accredited to perform independent third-party technology verifications?

A) Yes! 350Solutions is accredited by ANAB (link to our accreditation certificate) to complete verifications of innovative environmental technologies under ISO 14034. 350Solutions and its staff also served as the measurement and verification partner for the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE from 2017 to 2021.  

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