350Solutions Celebrates First Anniversary After a Year of Setting International Firsts for Clean Technologies

Raleigh, North Carolina (October 1, 2020) – 350Solutions, a clean technology evaluation and engineering consulting firm headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, is celebrating their one-year anniversary since their founding in 2019.  During the first year of operation, 350Solutions marked a year of international firsts for clean technologies including completing the first ISO 14034:2016 Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) for the global oil and gas industry.

“In order to achieve the low-carbon future necessary for a sustainable planet, we will need proven clean technologies to play a significant role across all industries. Knowing with certainty what the impacts of these technologies are will be critical to reducing our carbon and environmental impacts,” said Founder and CEO of 350Solutions, Tim Hansen. “Our dedication to working with clean technology developers, investors, and users to verify a technology’s performance benefits and actual environmental impact continues, and we look forward to expanding the role of independent verification in the clean technology development cycle.”

350Solutions remains the only company in North America that is accredited to complete ISO 14034 ETVs. The ISO standard is an internationally recognized verification protocol designed to guide how technologies or processes with an environmental impact are verified with consistency and high quality by an independent third-party. Technology verifications are applicable for technologies and processes related to energy production and operation, cleaner production and processes, air pollution monitoring and/or abatement, and water monitoring and treatment.

In addition to completing the first ISO 14034 ETV for the global oil and gas industry 350Solutions also completed the first ISO 14034 ETV for water monitoring in North America. Currently, 350Solutions continues to work with the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE evaluating and verifying the ten technologies in the final round of the competition. Carbon XPRIZE is a $20M global competition spurring the rapid development of clean technologies designed to turn carbon into consumable products.

“We are pleased to reach this critical first year anniversary milestone as a new business knowing that the first year is often the hardest and this year has been especially challenging for our employees and clients with the global pandemic. In addition to working with innovative products and solutions, we have had to innovate and re-evaluate how we approach our work during the pandemic. I am immensely proud of what we have accomplished during our challenging first year,” said Hansen.

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