350Solutions joins VerifiGlobal Alliance

350Solutions is pleased to announce their enrollment into the VerifiGlobal Alliance, in fortifying the company’s mission to make independent technology verification a standard and standardized approach in the technology development life-cycle for innovative environmental, cleantech, and low carbon technologies. The VerifiGlobal Alliance is an international association of companies dedicated to implementing and promoting the uniform expansion and deployment of environmental technology verification around the world.

“With the issuance of ISO 14034 in 2016, a long process to an internationally harmonized approach to evaluating new environmental technologies was completed. However, it now requires global efforts to implement the standard and achieve the ‘verify once, accept everywhere’ principal. VerifiGlobal is the first entity to serve as a hub and community of multiple international testing groups, independent verifiers, and stakeholders that is pushing to make this happen. 350Solutions is happy to be a part of the effort and the VerifiGlobal Alliance.” said Tim Hansen, CEO of 350Solutions.

As a member of VerifiGlobal, 350Solutions strengthens its dedication to helping clean technology companies overcome market barriers to technology implementation and acceptance across markets and industries. Companies within the Alliance agree to use accepted approaches and standards in completing technology evaluations, including environmental impact and risk assessment evaluation, setting technical evaluation criteria, testing technologies, and verification methods. This approach means that technology evaluations completed by VerifiGlobal members are uniform and carry the same credibility regardless of their global location.

Clients working with 350Solutions will have immediate access to a network of supportive companies, testing labs, verifiers, and technical experts with complimentary services and expertise from around the world. Additionally, clients undergoing an ISO 14034 verification will have the option to amplify their results within VerifiGlobal’s network of policy developers, end users, and investors.

“As part of the Alliance, 350Solutions is positioned to help both technology providers and solution adopters reduce the uncertainties and risks associated with innovative technologies, products and services,” said John Neate, Managing Director, VerifiGlobal Alliance. “The support of the greater Alliance network uniquely differentiates these innovative technology companies and sustainability leaders relative to their competitors by providing additional resources and knowledge.”

350Solutions joins VerifiGlobal Alliance with specializations in: renewable energy, energy storage, distributed generation, waste heat utilization, building energy technologies, climate change and methane mitigation, CO2 capture and utilization, chemical process technologies, and other low-carbon technologies.

Learn More: http://www.verifiglobal.com/en

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