350Solutions Completes Verification of InnoTech Alberta Inc.’s Carbon Capture System

  • The ASCO Carbon Dioxide, Inc. and HTC Extraction Systems carbon capture technology operates at the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Center.
  • The verification marks the world’s first ISO 14034 ETV conformant verification for a carbon capture technology.

Raleigh, North Carolina (May 13, 2021) – 350Solutions is pleased to announce the completion of the first carbon capture focused ISO 14034: 2016 Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) in the world for InnoTech Alberta Inc.’s ASCO-HTC SGR285 CO2 stack gas recovery system. The stack gas recovery system, provided by ASCO Carbon Dioxide, Inc. and HTC Extraction Systems, operates as a carbon dioxide (CO2) capture system for a flue gas slip stream from the natural gas fired power plant at the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Center.

 “The verification of the CO2 capture system at the ACCTC is an important step in moving CO2 capture and utilization technologies forward. The global first should serve as a marker in the development and deployment of this and other capture technologies – hopefully providing data to encourage market adoption of similar technologies for demonstrations and small industrial applications.” said Tim Hansen, Founder and CEO of 350Solutions.  

InnoTech’s ASCO-HTC supplied capture system was verified to operate at a nominal 6 tonnes per day of CO2 product, with a capture efficiency of 82%. The verification of the InnoTech ASCO-HTC capture system was required as part of the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE competition, as the ACCTC hosted five competition teams demonstrating the conversion of CO2 from flue gas into useful and valuable products and were required to incorporate the inputs to the capture system in their XPRIZE scoring calculations. The analysis also verified operational scale, CO2 capture efficiency, CO2 production rate, CO2 production composition, energy usage, and water usage of the system.

“Calgary’s growing reputation as a tech hub is truly exemplified by the ACCTC when it comes to cleantech development in the province. The facility enables technology developers to test, validate, and scale up game-changing new technologies that transform waste products (in this case, CO2) into value-added products such as carbon-based materials, chemicals, and fuels,” said Aref Najafi, Manager, Carbon Capture, Utilization, & Decarbonization at InnoTech Alberta Inc. “The ACCTC is unique in terms of the services and support we can provide and the verification of the ACCTC capture unit performance by 350Solutions will give confidence to our clients when it comes to evaluation of their technology.”

350Solutions is currently the only company in North America to be fully accredited under ISO 17020: 2012 to perform ISO 14034 ETVs in a standardized fashion. In addition to performing clean technology and carbon technology verifications, 350Solutions performs technology evaluations, demonstrations, and research, as well as provides technology development, project management, and proposal development support for companies developing clean technologies and interested investors.  

Click here to access the verification statement.

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