Executive Perspective: Company Operations During COVID-19

March 31, 2020

To Our Community,

I wanted to take a moment today to give an update on our company’s operations and plans during the coming months. We are in uncertain and challenging times everywhere. The last few weeks for us here in the United States, and the months prior for our global peers, have been difficult on personal and professional levels. The predictions we discussed just a few weeks ago in my Executive Perspective, as far as what laid ahead for 2020 and trends in low-carbon / cleantech have already been put by the wayside as we have been faced with a more pressing situation, with more health and economic uncertainty on its way.

We here at 350Solutions made the quick decision three weeks ago to do what we can to help limit the spread by working from home. We stopped all business travel and have moved all meetings to online. It is the least we could do, but the simple fact that we can make this change, means we should make the change.

However, our consulting and verification work continues. We are working with our clients closely to keep existing efforts underway, and manage the ever-changing conditions, with test site closures, travel bans, and all it entails. We are revising and clarifying project plans to do as much as we can remotely for the foreseeable future.

That said, we’re still cranking away here in Raleigh. If you have an environmentally impactful technology that you’re developing, and are at a stage where you need consulting or independent analysis and verification – we are here. While not the ideal situation, this will allow valuable ideas and technologies to move forward during uncertain times.

Additionally, we will have some positive company news for you in the next few weeks, with our first official ISO 14034 clean technology verifications being issued. Keep an eye out for our announcements! For the time being, we are working for the foreseeable future from home.

Finally, I wanted to end today’s update with a Thank You. From our team to all of the medical staff, infectious disease researchers, essential personnel, day care workers, grocery store staff, and delivery employees, and everyone else who are in the front of these uncertain times and keeping us all moving forward. Thank you for everything you do, not just today, not just right now, but every day. 

Thank You,

Tim Hansen, Founder & CEO


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