Executive Perspective: 2020 Predictions in Review – A Look Back

In January of last year, I made a few predictions about what I thought would happen during 2020 related to the carbon future in the realms of business, energy, and society. In retrospect, all predictions about what would happen in 2020 seem pretty ostentatious, but what did we know? Nowhere in those predictions did I include a global pandemic that would fundamentally change the way we live our lives.

Executive Perspective: Company Operations During COVID-19

I wanted to take a moment today to give an update on our company’s operations and plans during the coming months. We are in uncertain and challenging times everywhere. The last few weeks for us here in the United States, and the months prior for our global peers, have been difficult on personal and professional levels. The predictions we discussed just a few weeks ago in my Executive Perspective, as far as what laid ahead for 2020 and trends in low-carbon / cleantech have already been put by the wayside as we have been faced with a more pressing situation, with more health and economic uncertainty on its way.

Executive Perspective: 2019 SERDP – ESTCP Symposium in Retrospect

Earlier this month I attended the SERDP – ESTCP Symposium, an annual Department of Defense meeting focused on environmental and energy challenges the DoD is interested in addressing. It is always an informative event, with the sessions providing overall insight into challenges, priorities, and progress on key issues, while the technical and poster sessions provide […]

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